The Drayson Mews Group provides and implements a clear strategic plan for the clinical needs of its clients based on the following Three-Step E.A.R model:


The first step in the Drayson Mews process is to create the space for engagement with our clients. From the very beginning, we listen to you to understand your goals, priorities and unique needs. We do this with complete discretion and the highest level of service. We believe the process should be as transparent and comfortable as possible given the stresses already present.


We carefully and expertly assess the issues from a clinical perspective. This is done through a series of interviews and strategic analyses based on best practices and our combined expertise of over 50 years working with prominent families.


We present you with a strategic treatment plan for your review, taking on board your input, to ensure your voice is heard in both the process and plan. Each treatment plan will be specifically created for your unique situation framed by our knowledge of what works–and what doesn’t.

Our fees are based on the scope and time requirements of our engagement with you. As such, we bill hourly, daily or on a project basis. Typically, our engagement begins with a complimentary exploratory consultation and moves to a formalized fee structure, billed against a retainer. We will provide you with a detailed description of our fees and services, including travel time and reasonable expenses where applicable, as part of our proposal and letter of engagement.