Dr. Paul Hokemeyer discusses wealth and mental health

Dr. Paul Hokemeyer discusses wealth and mental health

The field of mental health has an esteemed tradition of providing culturally competent care to human beings who live in the world as minorities. Historically, these minorities exist in positions of powerlessness relative to other people. Dr. Hokemeyer’s work in the realm of mental and relational health, however, focuses on people who live as minorities in positions of power by virtue of their wealth. In this podcast, Dr. Paul discusses his research and clinical findings in working with individuals, couples and family businesses who manifest identities of UHNW and how that identity impacts the type of mental health services they need to heal and thrive. Topics discussed include narcissism, addiction, family businesses, next generation, wellness, addiction treatment.

You can listen to the interview below:

Podcast: Fragile Power: Why Having Everything Is Never Enough

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